Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Why not" is a perfectly good reason...

So its been over a week without a post, bad me! I know! My schedule is kinda kicking my ass right now, but no worries I've been rambling in my notebooks whenever I have a spare moment and probably have about 3 posts worth of material built up. I'm just happy to be working from home right now instead of commuting back and forth to Mississauga everyday. Not that I really minded the commute, but it's winter Canada at that...enough said.

One thing I will admit is that every morning when I'm having my cereal is that I like to turn on the T.V. and either pop in something like The Smurfs or set the station to Much More Music.

So I like nostalgia for breakfast - sue me.

I am a child of the '80's and really do love a lot of the music that came out of that period of time, more then that however I love the videos made to promote those songs. There's just something about them that seem so creativity uninhibited. Like this one, Blue Monday by New Order:

Take On Me by A-Ha:

and the still stunning video for Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer:

le sigh

I wish that pixilation was more commonplace, but at the same time part of what makes the Sledgehammer video so effective is that it is a combination of pixilation, stop motion, and clay animations. It makes me wonder if the Brothers Quay and Aardman studios were ever collaborators on another project either before or after this video?

Hmm, something to look into...time to go make coffee...

(> <)