Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 'n' Nite: KiD CuDi

 Today's little visual study is of the music video for KiD CuDi's 2009 hit single Day 'n' Nite. As in the normal standard I've placed the full video at the end again BUT it's the quote un-quote censored version where they replace the word stoner with loner. Not a huge deal but one of note regardless.

The sequence of the couple morphing makes me think of the video for She's Got Issues by The Offspring.

I'm a huge sucker for Wizard of Oz refrences...

I love owls! And murals that look like the cover of a cheap romance novel that someone has self-published :)

Travis Barker!

The typography choice makes me think of old Astaire & Rogers movies...

If Pedro from Napolean Dynamite and Prince had a love child...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sloan: The Other Man

 Another day, another quasi-visual study! This time it's a look at the music video for The Other Man by the Canadian rock band Sloan from their 2001 album Pretty Together. I haven't heard a Sloan song that I didn't like or love and back in the day I was all about this song! Who am I kidding? I am still all about this song and it's video.

 The song was written by Sloan's lead singer Chis Murphy in the view point of -well- the other man, a very ballsy viewpoint to express. Apparently it was inspired by a real-life love triangle featuring Murphy, Andrew Whiteman (Broken Social Scene) and Leslie Feist. At first I was like "Who the hell is Leslie Feist?" But then I realised that it was the woman better known simply as Feist and sang 1234 on all those damn iPod commercials.

 There's alot to love in this video like the colour pallet and temperature, the cinematic feel of the widescreen aspect ratio, and the the almost strange composition choices that would have left my old story board mentor screaming "You never compose like that! RULE BREAKER!"

 Plus it's just hard not to love a song that so effortlessly manages to use the word 'unbeknownst' and in the appropriate context.

Full song and video