Wednesday, December 05, 2012

White Titles Trending...

 It seems like for the past year (maybe year and a half), it has become very trendy to give music videos slick on screen titles in a white font. It's pretty "meh" in most cases, but some I do like. So here is a list of my top 7 in no particular order of preference.

 Please, bear in mind that this is not a commentary about the rest of the video or the music itself. So no matter what my, or your feelings are about say Jay-Z or Justin Bieber, this is only about a trend in white titles. I happen to enjoy these ten the best because of the choice of typography, composition, the fades (transitions), timing and fit with establishing the tone of the song and video.

#1. Youth Without Youth ~ Metric

#2 Hit Me Up ~ Danny Fernandes feat. Josh Ramsey & Belly








#3 Let Me Love You ~ Ne-Yo




 #4 She Can Ride ~ Dru




#5 Boyfriend ~ Justin Bieber





#6 No Church In The Wild ~ Jay-Z feat. Kanye West





#7 Whistle ~ Flo Rida

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